Release your inner power!

You can achieve everything and you carry the necessary resources already in you. 

Learn the wisdom, skills, and tools to put the full puzzle of your inner self together. By exploring and embracing your inner diversity you will not simply discover who you are — you will empower yourself to achieve the ultimate vision of your life, career, success, and relationships.

Get on a journey to your subconscious core to recognize and substantially diminish internal blockages, obstacles or fears. By dissolving obstructive past experiences, a promising future takes shape.

It doesn’t need to be January 1, 2020, for you to start making changes. It doesn’t need to be the 1st, or a Monday, or when you feel ready.

The best time to make a change is right now. You’ll never feel ready. That’s the secret to change. Don’t prepare. Don’t wait for the right moment. Just go.

What if you could live up to your full potential and realize your dreams?

The methodology I use in both the professional and personal context is systemic and value-oriented. Common topics in the professional context are recognition, success, belonging, leadership, creativity, and stress management.

Coaching and training in this sense means creating access to deeply rooted models, reducing blockages, fears, and unwanted behaviors, and connecting to existing resources. This leads to the formation of new skills so that further development takes place from within (without the person having to ask him/herself: "What have I learned during the coaching and what should I do now?").

Unlike other coaching methods, this approach no preparation of the participants because the possible solutions are developed exclusively by them during the sessions.

The coaching method is therefore not a standard applied to each individual, but a tailor-made approach that allows participants to find the keys to the change they want to make.

This approach of acting from within the person ensures the sustainability of the coaching effect. Participants access conscious and subconscious elements of their Self through powerful tools and deep self-discovery exercises.

They develop a concrete plan on how to apply what they have learned during the coaching. The method connects participants to existing resources and activates new skills to free up additional resources.

The content of coaching and training is partly inspired by the St. Galler Coaching Model (SCM)®, which considers coaching as an aid to sustainable development and the expansion of human values and objectives.

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I am a certified member of the International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI)

The effectiveness of SCM coaching is demonstrably above 90%. It has been developed 15 years ago by the Coaching Academy Switzerland and is one of the rare coaching trainings that is ISO certified. The methodology and sustainability of the St. Galler Coaching Modell (SCM)® was evaluated in scientific efficacy studies performed in 2011, 2014 and 2017.  

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